Our products in a compact overview.

Our products are so-called service combinations which result from our individual services.

These products have mostly been developed by a number of combined individual systems which have been successfully implemented on the market several times and have been fixed as practical packages for our existing and future customers.

In the following overview you can see a selection of our most chosen products:

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Venues: Stadiums, Arenas and Multipurpose Halls

Venues like stadiums, arenas and multipurpose halls but also concert halls and other cultural sites can be a strong economical base for all stakeholders as framework of successful, profitable and sustainable events. Therefore, our program for venues includes the essential modules: from feasibility over capacity utilization/usage, financing, commercialisation models to regio- and socio-economical analyses to involve public and commercial partners at its best. | More…

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InSoring® is the model developed by SLC Management designed especially for the conceptual partnership between sports clubs and companies. Within this model we combine the commitment of a classic sponsorship with a direct investment at the respective association. InSoring® puts the commitment of companies in sport on two pillars by combining them creates and thus creates a win-win situation for both partners. | More…

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Data has to be affordable, permanent, goal-oriented and profit-oriented. The Management-Information-Systems of SLC consist of the key components market research and consulting, which, coupled with a standardized, resilient process and latest technologies, are a powerful tool for you and your strategic as well as operational management. The systems are available in accordance to our target groups for sports clubs, companies, sponsors, service providers and media. Important decision criteria with relation to data of your target group including benchmarks and analyses can be provided by SLC within 24hours if requested. | More…

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Branded Content

In the sphere of media, companies - customers / fans, we offer the possibility to create branded content in combination with targeted data surveys which then can be used for your marketing and business strategy. Whether Europe-wide publications in the most popular media of the respective sector or regionally with local message: With the right content and the appropriate story you can reach your target group in an emotionally positive way. | More…

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Our TrendCheck in the areas of sports, leisure and culture includes a permanent market screening, with which we keep our eyes open for you so that your institution does not miss any important trends. In addition, we prioritize the current trends after evaluating your possibilities and individual potentials, so that every investment you make in a new area also bears the corresponding success. | More…

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Certified Service Quality

As a leading company for data-based consulting, market / opinion research, quality management and customer satisfaction in German sports, we provide basic research, including surveys as well as data analysis and benchmark. These components are applied as part of a process developed by SLC and TÜV Rheinland to analyze and certify service, quality and customer satisfaction. | More…