Shanghai SIPG Football Club and TÜV Rheinland with its partner SLC Management sign the "Pro-Solutions" professional soccer club operation cooperation agreement

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July 21, 2017, Shanghai: Shanghai International Port Group Football Club (better known as SIPG F.C.) and the TÜV Rheinland Group with its partner SLC signed the "Pro-Solutions" agreement - an arrangement which goal it is to improve and professionalize the clubs operations.

The cooperation and partnership agreement will benefit form TÜV Rheinlands and SLCs long-term experience in the field of Service Quality as well as customer satisfaction and commercialization in sports especially football. It is the goal of all three parties to boost the future development of football all over Cina. After the signing of the agreement TÜV Rheinland and SLC conduct an in-depth analysis and market research on the important factors aorund SIPG F.C. which will be the basis for SIPGs own international benchmark, the later applied consulting and certification services.

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The strong growth in China's football industry is to a large degree owed to the favourable policies announced by the Chinese government, not least the Medium- to Long-term Development Plan for Chinese Football. The industry is keen to undergo significant changes - Chinese football clubs now face higher operational requirements – and measures aimed at merely providing sporting venues and hosting competitions that no longer meet the needs of sports fans. In this context, overall operations, financial health and modern management models are key factors in the success of local football clubs. In a recent market survey of Chinese football clubs, sponsors, service providers and fans, SLC Management found that the clubs are currently facing considerable challenges with respect to their service quality - and that more than 90% of fans would be willing to pay for a better quality of provided services. Thus, there is considerable room for revenue growth for Chinese football clubs as long as they enhance their service quality. It is pertinent that each Chinese football club has enormous commercial value, to the tune of tens of million Chinese yuan, in the form of facilities, and these resources can provide and support their sportive competitiveness. A key issue for football clubs moving forward is how to ensure that their commercial operations and management provide excellent facilities and high-quality services that are consistent with international standards.

Using German experience and scientific concepts to help SIPG FC become a leading club

It is precisely in this context that TÜV Rheinland and SLC come together to actively promote the standardisation of the operation and management of professional football clubs. Both TÜV Rheinland and SLC have vast experience providing service quality audits for world-renowned football clubs such as Bayern Munich FC, and they are well versed in the operating models of sports clubs around the world. They have conducted in-depth academic studies and surveys of the Chinese market. Their collaboration with SIPG FC has formally opened a new chapter in the professional operations of Chinese football clubs.

Pursuant to the agreement, TÜV Rheinland and SLC collected feedback on service quality and service satisfaction through a combination of methods, including market surveys and undercover visitors; they will also audit SIPG FC's service outlets and thoroughly analyse the football club's existing operations. Then, TÜV Rheinland and SLC Management will present SIPG FC with an overall operation improvement proposal. Specific recommendations will be given to help SIPG FC adjust its operating model, improve its facilities, enhance its service quality and develop its commercial potential. These changes will comprehensively improve the football club's service quality for its fans and stakeholders, optimise its cost control and create new revenue-growth channels. They will also enhance the football club's appeal and fan loyalty, thereby enabling the football club to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Sui Guoyang, general manager of SIPG Club, said: "We are very pleased to reach a partnership deal with TÜV Rheinland and we hope to help the club embark on a better designed path to professionalism with the support from TÜV Rheinland. SIPG Club has been performing well sport-wise for three consecutive seasons. Yet, since our goal is to build a century-old football club, we still have much to improve in terms of professionalism despite our good rankings. We are a young yet aspiring, positive and upbeat club. With the utmost sincerity, we would like to work with TÜV Rheinland to keep abreast of the forefront of world football."

Fang Weiming, vice president of systems service at TÜV Rheinland China, said: "SIPG is a new football club that has been burgeoning in the last few years. Apart from their excellent performance on the pitch, the club have also built a professional and sound operational structure in a very short span of time. We can see the efforts they are making to become the best football club in China in every possible way. TÜV Rheinland will work closely with SIPG Club and step up our exchanges and collaborations in infrastructure, service quality and all the other facets of club operation to help the club grow into a leading professional football club in China and march towards its goal of becoming a top club globally."

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Certified Service Quality

As a leading company in the field of fact and data-based consulting, marketing / research, quality management and customer satisfaction in the German sports field, we provide professional research, including survey and data analysis and benchmarking. In the cooperation of SLC and TÜV Rheinland, these components are used to analyse and certify service, quality and customer satisfaction. | More…

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Modern Club Management

Steady positive business results as well as success in sports are the must-outcomes of today's modern club management. Get your organizational structures on a state-of-the-art level: we continuously optimize your organization, processes and enhance your club's and stadium's infrastructure. These developments will improve your fan experience and customer relationship as well as the attractiveness for foreign star players. Boost your business structures, boost your sporty success. | More…


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Sustainable Player Management

A feel-good surrounding and a perfect team integration of players lead to a stronger relationship between the club, the player and the team: in the end, it strengthens the sporty success. The investment in players is worth it to integrate a sustainable player management considering essential issues like team spirit, team fitting, medical care, appropriate scouting and more. Your players all together form a high-value eco system: the better you handle it, the better they play football. | More…


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Staff Management

Highly skilled staff is fundamental to efficient and performance-minded club structures and processes. With over 30 years of experience in professional sports, we offer you worldwide support in the recruiting/hiring and training process and provide you with onsite and remote coaching and mentoring services up to interim management to help you find, develop and retain qualified staff. In a million-dollar business like football, competent staff is the key factor of sporty success. | More…


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