Current events: SLC Management on the World Soccer Congress & Exhibition from June 7th till June 9th in Beijing, China 2017

Each of our services is based on practical experience of more than 20 years on the market and the constant claim to combine this expertise with the latest scientific findings, knowledge and technologies. Moreover the knowledge of all these facets allows you to recognize the radiance of all your actions on the functions of your institution.

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June, 2017, Beijing:
The introduction of the World Soccer Convention & Exhibition (WSCE) 2017 in Beijing is another important step in the Chinese football market. The congress is a valuable contribution to the development, establishment and channeling of the efforts for Chinese football and its fundamental strengthening.

Within the framework of the congress, which took place in Beijing from June 7th to June 9th, which focused on the Chinese football industry and the establishment of an eco-system for further cooperation, innovative technologies and youth work, SLC Management made an important contribution. SLC Management was invited to play a leading role in the exchange and transfer of know-how as well as the professionalization of football in China through its contributions which is made possible thorugh the companies long-term experiences in the field of football.

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Through the keynote speech "Road to success: 8 steps to a powerful club management" by Prof. Dr. Alfons Madeja (Managing Director), in which he contributed from his over 30 years of experience in teaching and practice in club management, he has made a valuable contribution to structural issues ranging from modern club management, structures, personnel, data intelligence to holistic service management, Quality in sports. For his speech, Prof. Dr. Alfons Madeja received the award for the "MVS - Most valueable speech" of the congress.

In addition, SLC Management was represented by Maximilian Madeja (Managing Director, CRO) in the round table discussion on the development themes "Innovation, Collaboration & Commercialization" in the Chinese Super League. Especially in the field of service quality in sports, SLC works with its long-term partner TÜV Rheinland worldwide, and thus also in China, where 23 branches and more than 3,000 employees are represented.

The globally well recognized WSCE was attended by representatives of the Chinese government, as well as the city of Beijing, representatives of the Chinese Super League, representatives of the Chinese League and the Association, operators of sports facilities, stadiums and arenas, representatives of international and local media, and Chinese sports companies.

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Certified Service Quality

As a leading company in the field of fact and data-based consulting, marketing / research, quality management and customer satisfaction in the German sports field, we provide professional research, including survey and data analysis and benchmarking. In the cooperation of SLC and TÜV Rheinland, these components are used to analyse and certify service, quality and customer satisfaction. | More…

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Modern Club Management

Steady positive business results as well as success in sports are the must-outcomes of today's modern club management. Get your organizational structures on a state-of-the-art level: we continuously optimize your organization, processes and enhance your club's and stadium's infrastructure. These developments will improve your fan experience and customer relationship as well as the attractiveness for foreign star players. Boost your business structures, boost your sporty success. | More…


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Sustainable Player Management

A feel-good surrounding and a perfect team integration of players lead to a stronger relationship between the club, the player and the team: in the end, it strengthens the sporty success. The investment in players is worth it to integrate a sustainable player management considering essential issues like team spirit, team fitting, medical care, appropriate scouting and more. Your players all together form a high-value eco system: the better you handle it, the better they play football. | More…


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Staff Management

Highly skilled staff is fundamental to efficient and performance-minded club structures and processes. With over 30 years of experience in professional sports, we offer you worldwide support in the recruiting/hiring and training process and provide you with onsite and remote coaching and mentoring services up to interim management to help you find, develop and retain qualified staff. In a million-dollar business like football, competent staff is the key factor of sporty success. | More…


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