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SLC - Sports, Leisure, Culture: Where the growth markets of sports, leisure and culture meet decades of experience and data-based consulting.

Excellent counseling depends on the training, experience and expertise of the people who deal with your project, your problems and your visions. We operate with a heterogeneous management team, which provides appropriate know-how at all stages of a project.

The markets of sports, leisure and culture play an important role in our society. Therefore we are consistently conducting scientific and independent research in regard to focus areas that bother industries and people on a daily basis.

Put your trust in our competent hands.

SLC sees itself as a partner of all companies, sponsors, associations, operators, media and organizers who operate in the markets of sports, leisure and culture, or to those who wish to promote the achievement of their goals through an engagement in these markets. Our expertise is based on sound market knowledge and well-established services that are on the market for already over 20 years. This know-how lets SLC derive its unique thinking and consulting approach:

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Our specialists from all the relevant areas not only realize ideas with creative and innovative concepts but also implement them together with you. In line with the needs and visions of our customers, SLC recognizes trends as well as economic developments and asses those so that they are useful for you and your business. The strengths of SLC lie within the business administration and management know-how as well as the in-depth knowledge about the special functioning of the

Growth markets sports, leisure and culture>>

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Through our unique combination of economic expertise with the methodology of science as well as the emotions and passion in sports, leisure and culture, a pool of know-how arises from which you as our customer and partner profit:

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